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Dao the Chinese cat

Balancing life

Dao the Chinese cat

2 months since amputation

April 27th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Is the big 2 months since amputation, and time flies. It feels only been a month because of all the back and forth with the clinic due to his balance issues, and the hydrotherapy. 

If we look at what he does, things seems to be normal. He will go out every morning in the garden, he will climb up the stairs for food. He will meow at you wanting to play with the stick. He is able to follow you in the house, and eating normally, or even finishing the food my other cat didn’t want.

It seems normal, but there are things he still cannot do. He develops a very weird way going down stairs, perhaps he is afraid to bang his head. He will cling on the end of stairs and throw his back down, and  rolls a few steps down, then he clings on the stairs again with his front paw. So when I start seeing him moving his body towards the stairs, I will call the command ‘one, two, three’, it means I will pick him up and transport him downstairs.

He cannot play with ribbons anymore because he cannot run. He will slowly walk, but no longer running. He is very careful with walking, and you know it might fall at some point. He is not too stress about it, but he still has difficulties with balancing if he get up from a lying position. He will cry and ask for help

The hydrotherapy helps us, from him needing help with walking every steps, to giving him independence. We are absolutely grateful;  but we are still adapting to the new life. 

It seems not long ago we thought we will lose him to cancer, but when you see him sunbathing in the garden, it’s worth everything.


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  • benny55

    Hearing you say it’s worth everything…just to see him sunbathing happily enjoying his cute self, brings tears of joy to my eyes.

    The fact that he has adapted soooop well and just accepts the new normal and finds pleasure in living life…STANDING OVATION GOING ON OVER HERE…for both of you!!! Your love and devotion are what gives him the strength to figure out new ways of doing things.

    I just love looking at that cute kitty mug of his! Thanks for these smile making pictures and great update. It’s incredible that the hydrotherapy is working AND he doesn’t mjnd it!! Dao,you are a very special kitty with a very special mom!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • jerry

    HOPPY AMPUVERSARY Mr. Dao! You always make our day, we think you are the coolest cat.

    Your gentle, yet detailed and honest look at life as a #TriKitty is really so important for folks to see. Despite the challenges and “new normal” you have such a great attitude. Kudos to you for keeping pawsitive and doing what it takes to live in the Now. You and Dao are a role model for the community, thank you.

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